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A Quality of Life Citizen (QOL for short) is the "I" and "mind" of the city. I seek more quality, less conflict, more creativity, less inefficiency and more inclusivity. I hope for a bigger picture, a better way. more info Civil Society represents the "we" and "heart" of the Healthy City. Quality of life, asset mapping, community development, and social capital create new agendas for Civil Society. more info A City Manager acts like the "brain" of the city. The City Manager (CM) needs meshworks, to make hierarchies and networks effective, because so much is expected of CM's in being the brainstem, cortex and neo-cortex of the city. more info City Asset Developers build the "body" of the city. Developers of the City of the Future integrate sustainability, ecology, spirituality plus elegance, order, flexibility and flow. more info

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